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Feel Desain Magazine

Feel Desain is an online magazine, updated daily with the latest news from the design world. It offers a fresh insight to bring together professional and young creatives. Feel Desain is also a paper magazine and in 2018 I designed Feel Issue No.2.
This number collects the most exciting projects of that year, all described by their respective artists, architects, and designers. 
What kind of creativity should be given space to best represent the personality of a magazine like Feel? The answer was a white cover that did not give particular prominence to one of the projects but that, on the contrary, could further enrich it with contents.
The cover is a white canvas, perfectly in line with the eclecticism of Feel, always there to show all the different expressions of creativity. The idea of involving artists was an almost inevitable consequence; the ones you will see on display are the free interpretations of those who answered to our open call.